About her

Alisha Rodriguez founder of Vida Cosmetics was born and raised in California, but her latin roots extend from Michoacan, Mexico.

She is very proud to be an American and grateful of all the freedom this country provides her.

Alisha embraces her latin roots and is in love with her culture, rich traditions & music that makes your soul dance.

She is a mother to two beautiful children and an insurance agent with a passion for beauty.


New beginnings.

For Alisha, starting up this business venture was a dream come true! Her plan is to begin with eyelashes and as her company grows create other beauty products.

Alisha believes that without the support and encouragement from her fiance' none of this would have never been possible.

If there is one thing she has learned, it is that the only impossible tasks are those we do not attempt.

So here she goes taking a huge leap and following her entrepreneurial dreams.